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Base & Top Coat

Base & Top Coat

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💞 Apply in under 15 minutes.

✨ 30% Stronger and 50% lighter than acrylics.

🌱 Odourless and 0 harmful chemicals.

What's included?

Each set comes with the essentials to groom your nails into perfection.

It includes
· 1 tube of quick set polygel (15g / 0.5 oz)
· 20 nail tips in various different sizes
· 1 nail clip
· 1 nail brush
· 1 cuticle pusher

Why are we different?

Stronger than any other nail gel!

Our New upgraded formula lasts 10 times longer! (up to 3 weeks)

Never worry about breaking nails with your daily activities anymore!


Store orders are processed for shipment within 1 hour from the time of purchase. Due to our order volume and quick processing times, we cannot guarantee cancellation of an order after it has been placed, even if contacted within this timeframe. 

Return policy

We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

*Orders can not be cancelled under any circumstances. You can still receive a full refund through our return process after delivery.

Maintain great-looking nails for over 3 weeks! 😃

No more:

❌ Boring & uneven finish
❌ Yellowing & dings
❌ Chips & smudges

You can use it up to 15 times! 👍

Perfect for gel polish nails, gel nail extensions, natural nails, fake nails, manicures & pedicures, and more.

Our base coat shields your nails and creates a smooth surface for gel polish or poly gel. It dries fast so you can get on with your day.

The top coat not only adds a shiny finish to your nails but also helps keep them strong and secures glitter and crystals.

Why wait? Grab our Base and Top Coat now and enjoy lovely, healthy nails! 😍

✅ Premium choice for DIY at home
✅ Salon-quality results
✅ Great gift idea
✅ Super easy to use

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Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

How do you remove Polygel?

Simply put some olive oil in warm soapy water and soak your nails in there for 15-20 minutes.

Gently pull your polygel nails off and clean with rubbing alcohol wipes. If they do not come off, soak them in for another 5-10 minutes, adding extra warm water.

How long do they last?

Depending on the nail prep you've done. Assuming you have used base & top coat then they will last 2-3 weeks.

Do you need a UV Light?

It's recommend that you use one when applying polygel, in order to achieve the best results, in the quickest time.

You can use any UV or LED lamp.

How much time do you need to do your nails?

Depends on the experience you have with polygel.

While it will be a steep learning curve, you can do them within 15-20 minutes after just a couple of tries.

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